When: 30th March 2022

Where: The UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility, Milburn House, University of Warwick

Workshop Activities

There will be 3 main activities

A practical session on the 850 MHz solid-state NMR spectrometer

A session on Topspin

A session on general aspects of solid-state NMR (or numerical simulations, e.g. SIMPSON)

All activities will take place in groups of 4-5 people (maximum attendance of 15 people)

Dr. John Griffin (University of Lancaster) expert in Solid-State NMR and computational calculations, Dr. Dinu Iuga (University of Warwick) Technical Director, Dr. Trent Franks (University of Warwick) Facility Manager at the UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility, Dr. Mark Howard (Applications Scientist, Bruker) and Dr. Frederic Blanc (University of Liverpool) expert in Solid-State NMR will provide training and lectures and will be available on the day to answer questions.

Who can Apply

Scientists with solution-state NMR expertise but no or very little solid-state NMR experience

How to Apply

Please fill in the form and sent it at: connectnmruk@gmail.com

Application deadline: 16/02/2022

Connect NMR UK will fund attendance to the workshop. This will cover travel to Warwick, lunch on the day and accommodation (1 night before or after the workshop) expenses