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Solid-State NMR Workshop 27/3/23 – Connect NMR UK

We are delighted to announce the return of the Connect NMR UK workshop on solid-state NMR at the University of Warwick for 2024! The last two years we have hosted a group of enthusiastic students and scientists from a range of different research areas. The workshop entails building a foundation for solid-state NMR research with hands on experience.

When: 17th April 2024

WhereThe UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility, Milburn House, University of Warwick

Workshop Activities

There will be 3 main activities

–          A talk in the morning (10 am – 12 pm) from Prof. John Griffin (Lancaster University) an expert in the field of solid-state NMR

–          Two practical sessions in the afternoon (1 pm to about 5 pm) in small groups on the 850 MHz or 1 GHz solid-state NMR spectrometer and on magic-angle spinning

Please note that the UK High-Field Solid-State NMR National Research Facility annual symposium will be taking place the following day on Thursday 18th April with some excellent speakers lined up – programme is available here 

Who can Apply

Scientists with solution-state NMR expertise but no or very little solid-state NMR experience

How to Apply

Please fill in the Connect NMR UK solid-state workshop application form and sent it at: frederic.blanc@liverpool.ac.uk

Application deadline: 25/03/2024

Connect NMR UK will fund attendance to the workshop. This will cover travel to Warwick, lunch on the day and accommodation (one night before or after the workshop) expenses. For those also attending the annual symposium on the Thursday 18th April, accommodation on Wednesday 17th April will also be provided.

We aim to select up to 15 applicants and will confirm attendance by Friday 5th of April. Please do not apply if you attended the workshop in previous years. Scientists with solution-state NMR expertise but little to no solid-state NMR experience will be given preference.