University of Manchester

The Manchester Institute of Biotechnology focuses on advanced quantitative approaches to specific biotechnology challenges at the interface between medicine and biology and the physical sciences, engineering, mathematics and computation. The facility is a lead member of the ResoN8 equipment sharing initiative, which encourages equipment sharing between NMR facilities across the North of England.

Dr. Matthew Cliff

NMR Equipment

Very-High Field (700-800 MHz)

Bruker Avance III 800 MHz narrow bore four-channel NMR spectrometer equipped with a high sensitivity triple resonance (1H/13C-15N-2H TCI) He-cooled cryoprobe with cooled proton and carbon channel; T: 0°C to +80°C, automated match and tuning

Additional capabilities

High pressure solution state NMR. Up to 2.5 kbar in aqueous solution.